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CRIB X – Virtual Cinema Joins XLANTIS


Imagine a world where you can step out of the movie theatre and into a virtual world based on that film IP, interact with and become the characters, own them, use them, and explore a more intimate creative narrative outside the boundaries of a finished film. Bringing film IP to life in a virtual world and expanding the narrative through gaming.

CRIBX joins forces with XMANNA to roll out their Film Crib virtual cinema, which will act as a community hub, streaming service, and portal to their Retrogression game based on the upcoming Hollywood Sci-Fi film franchise helmed by multi award winning actor and filmmaker Anthony Hayes (GOLD, WAR MACHINE, THE ROVER, and the upcoming Robbie Williams biopic BETTER MAN).

The Retrogression game will be built on the Unreal Engine and tell the narrative story of the films via transactional game play in XLANTIS. Players can be the characters from the film in the world of the film and explore the epic sci-fi world in far more detail. 

Players can eXperience the CRIBX virtual eXperiences utilities via transactional game play, NFT ticketing, virtual cinema events and screenings, exclusive content, celebrity interviews, Watch2Earn, NFTs Avatars, live appearances, film premieres, festivals, music events, virtual Q&As, narrative storytelling, and brand integration.

An agile Entertainment eXperience company, CRIBX is positioned to integrate across multiple web3 communities, providing Web3 virtual entertainment content via their CRIBX virtual cinema chain, film IP P2E gaming, musical events, screening parties, and VR first person Avatar experiences on the Metaverse.

CRIBX – the cross-platform entertainment eXperience powerhouse of the future has landed.

The Film Crib 

Currently on desktop, iOS, and Android app stores, and now a virtual cinema chain across Metaverse partner platforms, including XLANTIS, Film Crib is an emerging filmmaker’s streamer with over 150 award winning short films, including 12 Academy Award films, Top Tier Festival winners such as Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, and SXSW.

Film Crib contains exclusive interviews with established Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Emmy award winning film practitioners who have worked in all departments of film production on such TV shows and films as AQUAMAN, JAMES BOND, CRUELLA, BATGIRL, SHANTARAM, DAHMER, UPGRADE, WOLF CREEK, DAY OF THE DEAD, FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, THE INVISIBLE MAN, ELVIS, GOLD, THE ENFORCER, Ms MARVEL, THOR, JASON BOURNE, POWER OF THE DOG and more and will host live interviews in the virtual cinema with filmmakers.

Film Crib allows emerging filmmakers to upload their content and earn views, rewarding filmmakers and supporting young creatives. 

Film Crib will invest in Film Crib Original content for the streamer and assist young filmmakers in monetising and exploiting their original film IP across Metaverse platforms via their streamer and with assistance from their gaming and 3D dev teams. 

Film Crib aims to host premiere Hollywood blockbuster screening parties, where community members will get to see the latest film trailers before the rest of the world and meet filmmakers and cast in a virtual setting.

The Retrogression Film

The Film Crib Original Hollywood Blockbuster Sci-Fi trilogy RETROGRESSION, written, produced, and directed by Anthony Hayes, will follow the game release, with a virtual premiere with the cast and filmmakers on XLANTIS followed by a world first “metaverse exhibition release window”. 

The Retrogression Game

Finding a home in XLANTIS, and based on the upcoming blockbuster Sci-Fi film of the same name, the RETROGRESSION game is a first/third person narrative experience that will roll out as a preamble to the films. 

Virtual movie premieres

A stroll down the red carpet to see your favourite actor before watching their latest film trailer premiere and AMA event and their new movie via our virtual cinema chain. Gala events are highly promoted within the Web3 and outside of it, bringing newcomers to the virtual world to meet and greet their heroes. 

We are working with world renowned distributors to bring Academy Award qualifying short films to the Film Crib, helping quality films in Oscar contention find an audience in the lead up to nominations, showcasing the best young talent the world has to offer. 

Virtual festivals

Short films are perfect for VR, with audiences preferring to move around, explore, and chat with one another. Showcasing the best young filmmaking talent in the world and awarding prizes to audiences and filmmakers. Highly marketable events running for a short time. Meet the filmmakers and learn how they made their film, their struggles as an indie filmmaker and their triumphs.

NFT collections

Be the character, from the film, in the VR eXperience based on the film. Retrogression character NFTs will lead audiences through the narrative journey of the film, with each NFT having a rare and sought after utility such as on set visits, all expenses paid trips to the Retrogression film set, real props and costumes from the film, virtual props and costumes worn and used by the cast, movie memorabilia, beta game testing passes, access to exclusive behind the scenes content, and tickets to real world and virtual premieres. 

Cross platform eXperiences

CRIBX’s goal is simple. Expand the brand across multiple partner platforms. Integrate cutting edge tech and eXperiences. Create portals from one Metaverse platform to the next via our utility. CRIBX is for creatives, lovers of narrative storytelling, gamers, film buffs, Horror Nerds, Music lovers, tech geeks, and online thrill seekers – the entertainment bridge to all the worlds you ever wanted to explore.


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