Chris Townsend


With a solid foundation of over a decade in the construction industry, I have honed my skills as a Carpenter, specializing in the renovation of multimillion-dollar homes. My unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality projects and exceeding client expectations has been the cornerstone of my success.

My passion for gaming, which began with my first Nintendo console, has evolved into a deep understanding of the gaming industry and a keen interest in cutting-edge technology. This enthusiasm, coupled with my ability to quickly learn and my meticulous attention to detail, has propelled me into the world of blockchain.

As an integral team member at XMANNA Software Technologies, I have been able to leverage my diverse skill set and strong work ethic to grow within the company, ultimately earning a position in Operations. My unique background and dedication to excellence allow me to bring a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to the ever-evolving blockchain and gaming sectors.


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