Haz Dulull

Founder HaZimation

Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull started his career in Visual Effects for Film and TV, before transitioning to directing and producing with his breakout sci-fi indie feature film – THE BEYOND, which was released by Gravitas Ventures, and premiered at #2 on the iTunes charts before trending on Netflix.  His second feature film 2036: ORIGIN UNKNOWN, which starred Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Another Life) earned a limited theatrical release in the US before landing on Netflix.

He was later hired to direct the pilot for Disney’s action comedy mini series – FAST LAYNE, and was also credited as creative consultant on the entire series and directed three additional episodes when he wowed Disney channel executives with his vision for the 8 part series.  Other credits include directing the short bridge film – DESCENDANTS – UNDER THE SEA for Disney, and directing a segment in the sci-fi horror anthology PORTALS.

HaZ is the founder of production company HaZimation, and is currently in development & production on several projects including animated feature films and TV series +Video Games utilising the latest in realtime animation & rendering with Unreal Engine.

He is represented in Hollywood by The Vendetta Group.




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