Steve Stein


I got into sales at a young age because I love the art and my passion for driving sales organizations to overachieve.

My experience ranges from commodities and currencies in the late 90’s to real estate in the early 00’s to high-tech and sports technology since then.

My passion for what I believe in comes off with every word I speak, however, maybe not as fast as I speak 🙂

If the last 20 years have taught me anything, it is that I know nothing. Continuous learning combined with your ability to adapt to the only constant “change” will prepare you and while most people believe that it is their successes that define them, that could not be farther from the truth.

It is in-fact every single one of your failures and more importantly how you handle these failures that will ultimately define you.


Vidit Bansal

Director Admin Backend

Gabriel Walter Varulkar

Technical Director Backend

Daniel Saralkar

VP of Technology

Chris Townsend