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Compete against others to win cash or just for fun in x21!

Come join the next wave of mobile gaming with xManna – Introducing a competitive twist on a classic card game that you can compete against others to utilize your skills for the best score!

Free to play & Cash Gaming!

In the Play Section, choose your play option and compete against other players in PVP (player vs player) challenges for the best overall score. Choose your moves wisely to see if you can clear the columns as quickly as possible.

You can play games for free and practice with our xCoins.

You can claim xCoins for free in the Rewards Section and then wager them in the Play Section!


Each challenge will be a random generation of cards and each player competing within the same challenge will have their cards shuffled the same for a fair competition.

Important Rules:

-3 minutes total elapsed time

-Pause or forcing app into the background will stop the timer. You have 60 minutes from the time your challenge begins to submit your score or you will forfeit. If you close the application you will forfeit any challenge you were in the middle of a turn on.


-You will begin with 4 empty stacks with a score of 0 above each one

-Below the column there is an entire deck of cards shuffled and turned upside down except one top card

-Tap a row to place the top card in and the value of the card will be added into the selected column

-A new top card will be flipped up to be placed in one of the four columns

-The goal is to make as many 21’s as possible to clear the columns

-If you go over 21, the column will be Busted. You can only bust 3 times before the game is over

-A black jack is a wild card and will clear any column

-5 cards placed in one row that total under 21 will clear a column

-You can get bonus points for streaks, clearing the board and for how quickly you complete the game

-Undo button allows for the most recent move, along with any point gain or loss, to be reversed

-The submit button allows for users to submit their score when they decide they have no more moves to make

-Users at any point prior to the timer expiring, whether completing the game or submitting a score early, will receive a Time Bonus based on how many seconds remain and how much of the game is remaining

This is the first release and we have more games and features to add to enhance your mobile experience!

Welcome to XMANNA!

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