Hyper Casual, Card Game


XMANNA, Mind Studios


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About This Game

What can you do to take a classic skilled card game like solitaire and spice it up?

Come join the next wave of mobile gaming with XMANNA – Introducing a classic klondike solitaire game with a 3 card draw and a 5 minute timer that you can compete against others for best score!

Each challenge will be a random generation of cards and both players competing within the same challenge will have their cards shuffled the same for a fair competition.

There may be many instances where the deck cannot be solved. It is important to understand when the deck becomes Unsolvable, meaning you have no more moves you can make, to Submit your score quickly to get the maximum points for time bonus.

There is a time limit of 5 minutes and that time plays a factor in bonus points. The amount of time bonus will depend on how much of the deck is solved. The more cards completed when the score is submitted, the higher the amount of bonus points per each second remaining in the timer.


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